Teacher's gift

It was almost his bedtime . As I was getting ready to tuck him in ..."Mum ma did you know tomorrow is my last day of school  "he asked a tad anxious. 
"Yes darling, I do ",I replied wondering about the anxiousness writ on the face.
"Are you sad school is closing ,"I asked trying to get closer to what was bothering him.
"Well you know, it's year end of school
and some of the kids are bringing in year end gifts for the teacher. Do you think I should take one too. "
Oh ugh why didn't I think of that !! I kicked myself mentally and replied "go to sleep now I'll think of something" a wee bit annoyance creeping into my tone ,without me noticing it.
"But I can't go to sleep if I don't get it ready "he whinged
"Ok then, I said ,make a card "trying to buy myself some time to think.
Ten minutes later he was back with a card.... filled with beautiful words describing his teacher...I was too caught up breaking my sleepy head over the gift to give ,when he piped up ." Mum ma do you think I could take one of the little doilies you made recently ,for my teacher? I'm sure she will love it "he offered enthusiastically . 
I have to give it to him, for his quick and clear thinking. It's definetly his genes ,but surely not from me!!
 So with our gift decided , I made a little gift bag with gift wrapping paper. And tied a bow on it. He took a white paper cut it carefully into a square and wrote "from Lil B to Mrs C with love."
"Wake me up early tomorrow. I have to go and give her the gift before anyone sees it "he explained and happily skipped back to his bed.
I only remembered to take a picture of the doily and forgot the rest of the things. In my defense I was too sleepy to think straight!
Project Details
Hook 2 mm ( addi)
Yarn: Bali Cotton 
Pattern: Japanese Chart


  1. It's a lovely card! I am sure his teacher will definitely like it:)

  2. It is so lovely! Great thinking and creating team!


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