A brand New Year..... A brand new page

2015 started with a wonderful fellowship with friends and then our family. 
slept in , had a leisurely breakfast and later went and got a haircut.(amma , don't panic..hahaha... Just a few inches and layers to get the weight off my head ).
We then got back and made biriyani to celebrate the New Year. It turned out to best one I 've ever made so far!

I wonder if it's the mint , coriander and tomatoes from our container garden that made it so special.

I made a few resolutions to kick off the New year
First is to work on improving my photography. I've mostly gotten away with my phone pics, some of them are good ,no doubt, however I want to learn to shoot on manual mode on my camera.
So I've decided to shoot a photo a day . You are most welcome to join me if you like , or leave your valuable comments on my pictures.
I would like to post one picture everyday and thus make a post every day. I'm not sure how far that would work for me, but I'll try.

Finally a little recap of my projects in 2014. I was really surprised with the finished projects, when I put together this collage.
Here I was thinking, I hadn't made many projects the past year!


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