A walk around the City

Ever since we arrived in Christchurch, we’ve wanted to take a walk around and explore the heart of the city.With the arrival of the summer holidays for the boys…we switched gears and moved on to a very relaxed and spontaneous mode.
Nothing is usually planned.We just grab something to eat, hop into the car and drive. It helps that you don’t have to drive for a long time before you reach the city.
We sat by a tree and had our picnic then simply walked around , snapping pictures of whatever caught my eye and taking in the old world charm, the place exudes.DSC 7834
DSC 7823
DSC 7762
DSC 7815
DSC 7817
 Intertwined through the earthquake damage and the reconstruction work going on,...
DSC 7879
There is art
DSC 7800
 DSC 7858DSC 7860
flowers ,ducks and ducklings walking about fearlessly
DSC 7793
and reminders of the city's resilience throughout ,with the Christchurch Stand Tall Art Giraffes.
I read in a brochure that there are 49 Giraffes around Christchurch. A lot of people, I know, have gone on a sculpture hunting trail. I wanted too as well, but that hasn't happened yet.
Standingtall raiseStanding tall mosaic
 road cones shaped like sheep
DSC 7896
and road chess to cheer the passersby.
DSC 7905
DSC 7875
I do want to go back and take a more pictures of the wall art around the city as well.They are truly beautiful!
DSC 7799


  1. WOW! Beautiful pics!! And you are back in the Southern Hemisphere!! yay!

  2. Just lovely - I love all the colour and art that has popped up around the city :)

  3. It certainly looks like a lovely town to walk around in. And you know I LOVE to walk. Thanks for sharing! Tammy


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