all my homemades....365 PHOTOGRAPHS... A PHOTO A DAY FOR 2015

My blog seems to have been overtaken by the photo a day.I know I have not posted the past few days. I am enjoying the daily exercise very much ,and I have been taking pictures but have not uploaded them yet. I will post them soon.
In the meantime, I thought  I will do a quick update post as I realised I haven't done here.... and do the picture a day for the Homemade prompt.
So,here's what  has kept me busy.
 I made a set of six heart coasters for the shop.
I'm also making heart and flower appliqu├ęs . 
I have an idea in mind, hope it will work out as I imagine it in my mind.
Being the bunch of foodies ,i like to cook _ try out new recipes, the  boys to clean up . So it's a happy arrangement.
The most recent dish I tried was the Lasange .My aunt sent me an easy version to try.  I tweaked it a bit to suit our palates . I was really happy when the boys went in for second servings and thirds.


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