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The lastest craze in our home is the Nerf Gun wars. What's even crazy is that J has joined in too!! Every evening when he comes back from office, the boys wait with happy anticipation to start their wars. When the wars start, I mostly hide in our bedroom trying to ignore the noise,and crochet away. 
I'm not a fan of guns ;even toys ,for it conjures up images of war and suffering and senseless killing in my mind.
When my boys were younger, I refused to get gun toys for that reason.
After coming here , people talk about hunting , getting a sharp aim etc and my boys have been intrigued . While getting a sharp aim  is a good thing. I can't wrap my head around shooting a big animal. 
Anyways, while I'm happy about the fun times and the bonding time between the father and sons I do have mixed feelings about the guns.
The other day, when the weather was sunshiny and bright, J and I decided to go on an impromptu picnic soon after church. 
I'd already planned to make Biriyani and so had made all the preps the previous night. When we came back home , it took all of ten minutes to have some piping hot fragrant biriyani ready .During which time we ran about collecting plates and spoons etc for the picnic.
We found a lovely little spot by the river banks.It was pure bliss sitting there ,caressed by the gentle breeze , listening to the bird song , the waters babbling by
enjoying the warmth of the sun ,in the shade of a  very large tree. 
Lil B decided to climb the big tree. I was really surprised because he has never before attempted to climb a tree.
Savouring the moment of seeing my little one up on a big old tree , My heart could have burst with gratitude thinking how blessed  my kids are  to have big old trees to climb on.
That he didn't know to get down from the tree and J had to rescue him is another story!

Talking about blessings ... when we moved into this home some four months back we didn't have any idea about the trees in our yard.
Some of our friends who visited us helped us identify the trees. As they blossomed and bore tiny little fruit , we waited with anticipated glee to be able to pluck fruits off the trees and eat them right away.
This is our first harvest of plums. Even though we have had no part in planting these trees, we have certainly tended to them and it truly is a pleasure to harvest.

Our tomatoes are growing very well and I haven't bought  tomatoes for our cooking, these past few weeks.There is so much satisfaction in growing your own produce and one day in the distant future, we hope to get to it more seriously.

As we are enjoying these lazy days Big B made a video of an average summer day in our home. I love that we have these little capsules of our lives to look back on.

It seems a lot easier for me to post iPhone photos  and blog from the blogger app on the phone rather than using my computer.While it helps me keep an up to date update of the things that we do, I know, its not all that great, presentation wise.

And I've also been thinking of the daily photo posts. I'm thinking of doing a weekly update of photos I take. I wonder if my readers find the  daily photo posts too much for them.
So my lovelies, I would like to know what you think of that , while we are on it, please also tell me , what  posts of mine catch your fancy. What sort of posts would you like to see more of here on the blog? Do tell.


  1. Glad to know that you had a nice time!
    Toy guns are fine with kids and we should not relate everything to reality. May be you can see the good side of it being used in sports. I have given not only dolls to my daughter to play but also guns, cars and helicopters.
    I guess it is upto you to post as and when you want to. But yes, if you want readers to read and comment, then sometimes daily posts are difficult to keep up with. May be you can club 2-3 photos in one post.

  2. Thank Preeti. My boys have played with dolls and dollhouse too. Yes I'm focusing now on the good side. Thanks for your input I'm planning to do the same regarding posts Preeti


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