School year starts....

On a very positive note.

While there was some sulking at having to get back to school routine,  I was happy to hear that first day was good!

Later in the afternoon, a friend came over and showed me how to make a relish and preserve it.

I've forever wanted to learn how to preserve and see first hand ,how its done. When a friend graciously offered to come and show me, I agreed immediately !
I had to help someone out, and was worried ,I was running late. It so happened ,that my friend had an errand to run too and so it worked out perfectly  for both of us.

fruit of our labour
It was a really nice day and I think, I'm ready for the start of the new academic year.


  1. Love the beginning of the school year! That relish looks great Pearlin!

  2. Gorgeous beginning of the school year photo. That relish looks delish and would have been so much fun to make with your friend-a good way to exchange recipes:)

  3. What a lovely uniform and a proud looking young man. I've always wanted to make relish too.


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