Warming my heart

He planned secretly, went 'grocery shopping 'with his dad.
When I turned on my bed to wake up, this morning, I found a neatly wrapped gift on my bed !
My ten year old schemed to surprise me and make my day!!
He excitedly watched me open the gift ,then came jumping up to kiss me Happy Birthday. 
He has always been this thoughtful little guy and his gifts for me are never generic
stuff. It would be something he specially picked to pamper the girly side of me.
He went on to explain that 
he noted that I didn't  have this colour nail polish and so got it for me!


  1. Aww...so sweet :) Happy Birthday Pearlin!

  2. Wow... That's too cute.. Happy birthday Pearlin.. May God bless you and yours

  3. Awww soo sweet!Happy Birthday :)

  4. Nawww that's so lovely! Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day x

  5. The sweetest precious sentiments expressed in his loving words. Happy birthday again, Pearlin!!


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