A Cookie Time Factory shop trip

My kids , especially Big B ,are big fans of cookie time  cookies. It so happened that on his way to work, J found a factory outlet .
Sunday ,being a beautiful sunny day, we were in for a little surprise.
None of us guessed where J was taking us, only thought that we were going for a little ride around .
Only when the car slowed down, did we realised where we were!!
You should have seen Big B's grin to know what a happy camper he was.

Not even for a second ,are you allowed to think about anything else. You got to have cookies on your mind, right from the parking lot!
I was pretty impressed !
Well, tell me ,where else would we find a cookie wall in the parking lot?!
Right before the entrance,the 'cookie muncher' strikes a welcoming pose and Lil B had to join him there for quick picture.

I loved this sculpture 
It's called Lean on love.
The interiors are pretty impressive too, continuing with the Cookie Theme
The stools are pretty cool, don't you agree?
There are Tshirts and soft toys available
And of course cookies with offers too hard to resist.The friendly staff make it a warm place to be.
There are also buckets that you can fill with your choice of cookies and you can even send them to family abroad.
We all love the taste of the cookies and no doubt, fell in love with the outlet too.
I think we are going to be frequent visitors here.


  1. Wow, that was so delightful - for the whole family! :))

    1. Yes Mimi it was a wonderful trip
      Thank you

  2. I enjoyed seeing your cookie outing photos:)

  3. Oooh - a cookie shop! How wonderful. I think I would be going for the bucket option.

    1. I did want to take a bucket but my choco chip and nothing else boys didn't let me !!��


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