"Everybody's going on a summer holiday....

we should too" declared Big B soon after school closed in December, for summer holidays.  J and I let him choose our mini vacation destination. I just requested him to choose somewhere sunny.
We had heard the name Nelson come up in conversations with some friends and he chose Nelson .We then told him to find a Christian camp around the area. Google ,who has the answer to everything,suggested Bethany Christian Park  in Keriteriteri and it seemed like a great place to stay even though it was not in Nelson.After a few emails back and forth, our stay there was confirmed.

J thought it would be a good idea to take Lewis Pass route  on the way  to the camp...

We started on our trip,late afternoon after J came back from work.It was a lovely sunny afternoon with blue skies, the route  scenic and beautiful ,with some of our favourite songs on our playlist _ that Big B had put together for the trip_playing in the background, it was a very enjoyable ride. We wanted to get to the camping park before sunset but we couldn't stop ourselves at every little turn to snap a few pictures.

 here are some pictures

It is here for the first time, I experienced the heady scent of the wild flowers!I've read it in books and always have been disappointed when I try to smell the wild flowers. Here, I didn't even have to bend near the flowers to inhale . The Scent filled the air. I stood there letting the gentle breeze tickle my cheeks sniffing with my nose high up in the air

Beech trees
The boys were both asleep by now. J and I took a break near this river
I have a thing for mail boxes and found this one in the middle of nowhere.

Breathtaking view ,this  picture does not  do even a shade of justice to that !

By the time we reached Bethany Park, it was quite late and we were all ready to crash! After a quick registration by a very friendly manager, we were happy to have comfy beds to sleep on in our  heated cabin.

 I've been meaning to post our summer trip for a long time but never got the chance .The reason being, I had accidentally shot all the pictures in RAW format and now have to convert all of it into a JPEG file before I can post it here on the blog. Its not an easy task ,since I have zero knowledge of Photoshop!


  1. What a picturesque roadtrip to a beautiful destination! Gorgeous pics x

    1. yes,it was a wonderful trip.thank you :)


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