Ready to go in the mail
Receiving a mail in post seems so distant now;with email and text messaging, being the immediate choice to send a message or note. Gone are the days when we'd wait for the clinking of the post mans bell on our door step.
 We once had a dear postman ,who would never say there wasn't any  letter for us that day.I think, he saw the anticipation of recieving letters from our dad in our eyes and would always always say, "I'll bring a letter tomorrow."
I used to love writing letters, a long time ago.I wrote long long letters to my dad ,who at that time worked in Dubai.
 I  also had a  pen pal in the U.K. I still remember receiving the mint green envelope with hearts on it from Lynn, my penpal. I was excited about the stamps on them. As much as I loved writing and sending letters, I loved receiving them too.
My grandfather, as long as he lived, used to regularly send a postcard packed with  news from our little town,advice for his scatterbrained granddaughter to take better care of her health and do breathing exercises regularly.
My paternal grandmother always wrote in Tamil ,in neat hand, also packed with news and advice. My heart squeezes a little bit with nostalgia as I miss them both terribly in my life. 
So, when I heard that my Seven year old nephew had a school project where he writes letters to his parents and his parents reply, I asked him ,if he would like to receive a post card from NZ. He replied yes and so I started the search for an interesting post card for him.  I've been thinking about what I want to write , honestly I can't think of anything to say.  I feel like I've lost my letterwriting skills! It seemed a lot easier when I was younger and didn't have an easy route. 

On our trip into the city, I picked up some interesting postcards and then on another trip, i picked up some stamps. I picked up the sheep stamps because I hear people say, that there are more sheep than people here in NZ. I don't know if its true. But the sheep look like little cotton balls floating in the green pastures from a distance and I love that!
So they are ready to go into the mail. I hope my Nephew will be happy to recieve a real mail in the postbox.

oh and our journey to  NZ all began with a little postcard I received from my Aunt ,who was visiting the country with my Uncle.


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