Monday Mosaic

Monday Mosaic is about little things that catch my fancy through the past week... a new place we checked out, a song we heard on loop, some wonderful thing that bowled us over... Food , product  , store ... random things that are little .... but add a little spring to your step or bring a zing to your life or just make you happily smile through the day or week...
So I hope to share these little things with you all every Monday on Monday Mosaic

Riccarton Farmers Market
This weekend when Lil B went out to an art exhibition with the adorable Mr E and his mom and spend the rest of the day playing at their home,Big B, J and I decided to check out the Farmers Market 
at Riccarton house.
We loved the energy of the place buzzing with live music, some dancing by visitors , stalls filled with yummy food and fresh produce... Set on the banks of a river with ducks swimming by on one side and the historic Riccarton House on the other side. Charming!
We tried the Chicken Teriyaki loved it!Big B tried out the Hungarian sausage and Sauerkraut and enjoyed it
J and I tried the Japanese savoury pancakes and crispy chicken with trepidation but ended up enjoying it as well.

So yo yoghurt!
One word -Yum! In all my years in Kuwait,  I always imagined that frozen yoghurt would taste sour and therefore never ventured out and tried it.
Well ,I stand corrected! I tried the coffee mocha  with lychee pearl beads on them . Loved it absolutely! 
At 2$ for 100g, I think it's a great way to treat yourself.Good thing they have loyalty cards and the sixth yoghurt is $5 off. Psssst .....we already have that to use up  on our cards... Hehehe
Kind People
I was feeling down id lost my wallet with my driving license and all the cards and money. It was right at that a kind lady I had met earlier in church texted me and asked if she could drop by. 
I readily agreed. In the course of conversation I told her about my wallet.
So she took me around her car , showing me all the shops that were good to shop in because of the price and products . Got me a Christchurch map and then dropped me back home.
I needed that pick me up and it was an assurance that God was looking out for me inspite of the troubles that come my way.


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