When we came back from our trip, a lot of people asked me "so tell me what was the highlight of your trip?"
Well, what can I say?! We didn't have an agenda, we just decided to take it easy and enjoy each other's company. After all the change in our lives we just needed to hang out together, and  do nothing but enjoy each other's company.

We did the most mundane things like stopping on the roadside picnic spot to eat our fish and chips

while some notes on the skills of whistling sharply were  exchanged between the father and son. Its the son offering tips to the dad and not the other way round, if you were wondering!
Feeding ducks
 Hunting crabs
 and building castles on the beach
Marveling the beauty of God's Creation
Taking advantage of the low tide and looking for  other sea life
Finding a quiet spot to catch forty winks
and trying out some waterboarding

that's about it :))


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