Kaiteriteri, Motueka

Waking to the sunshine and feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin,looking out at the beautiful pine trees covering the slopes as far as the eyes could see , was a big treat!

The minute I saw the world sunshiny and  bright when I woke up,I'd made up my mind, I was going to love Kaiteriteri. And true to that , I was not disappointed.
J and I woke up and decided to sneak out for some coffee for me while the boys were still asleep. We fed the name Motueka into our GPS and it decided to take us on merry ride around the whole Kaiteriteri area before taking us to Motueka. So much so that at one point we wondered if our GPS had lost its mind and we lost theway.

 Finally , we did reach Motueka, stopped by at a Dairy (convenience store) and got some good mocha coffee.

The owner of the store happened to be from Gujarat in India. He struck a conversation with J , seeing we were Indian too. After a bit of chit chatting , about which part of India we were from and how long we've been here,we got back into the car to go back to the camp.

Our GPS played the merry go round game again ; round and round we went around till we reached the Kaiteriteri motor camp.

Thinking it would be still cold for me, I had packed boots and  walking shoes for the trip; Impractical in the sunny and hot weather.
Being Christmas day Countdown,New Zealand's equivalent of Kuwait's Sultan Centre  was closed and I wanted some slippers to walk in, pronto. Spotting another General store near the motor camp, we decided to get to  slippers for all of us to walk around in. And while we were at it, decided to get a sun hat and some hair ties too.( I packed everything except those)

Having got what we wanted, J and I sat looking at the beach for sometime before returning back to the camp to wake up the boys. 

We went back to our camp, woke the boys up, and took them back with to us to  this beautiful little town that we passed by

This was the only shop that was open. We got the best chips here! It so happened that the shop owner was Indian too and to seal the special bond of kinship that forms when you meet your countryman in a strange country, he made our chips  extra special. Sure enough it tasted so good!
This made it our favorite shop to go all the four days we were there . He would beam as soon as he saw us walk through the door.  I 'm sure we were smiling ear to ear too ,knowing we were getting yummy chips made just the way we like it.Warm fuzzy feelings all around .

 While J and the boys were getting the chips I went around snapping pictures of things that I liked

Motueka is a beautiful place that made me spend most of our time there trying to convince  J that we could spend the rest of our lives in......

Well, lets just say I'm not very good at convincing people.


  1. Lovely commentary of your summer vacation, Pearlin and gorgeous scenery!! Now I'm excited for spring break :)


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