When we were browsing some brochures at Bethany Park,we learnt that Collingwood is the Northern Tip of New Zealand's South Island. So we decided to drive there and see how it looked.
Collingwood is a beautiful coastal village.
a neat little sign that somehow reminds me of fairy tales
It had started drizzling and the boys didn't want to get out of the car being half sleepy, so J and I decided to go around and see the place.

Beautiful bench and colors

Lil B decided to join us  after a while and went drift wood hunting unsuccessfully.

Checking out the drift wood he did find.

we were pleasantly surprised and disappointed to find a  closed chocolate shop 

Next stop 


  1. Hope you enjoyed the trip. Beautiful photos. There are no words to explain God's creation.

    1. yes Shammi we did very much. its true that God's creation is awesome.


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