Hawke's Look Out

Hawke's Look out  is enroute to Collingwood , which we learnt was the Northern Tip of South Island, from Motueka. We were in two minds about stopping and taking the short walk, to check it out. However, we were so glad we did anyway.
The  natural stone formations  were very interesting and  Hawke's Lookout simply took our breath away!
chips break

the breathtaking view

Information about how the natural rock formations happened

There were quite a lot of visitors  along with us as we walked into the bush and not many opportunities to take pictures but I'm really glad we got a few.


  1. Beautiful! Always nice to be out and about in nature and you certainly have a whole lot of opportunities to do so over there. Best wishes, Tammy

    1. yes , we love the natural beauty here Tammy. Thank you for dropping by my blog.


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