Takaka took us completely by surprise!We were not expecting a little colorful Indie artist/hippy/boho town when we first saw the  road sign . Even  when a fellow traveller told us at Hawke's Lookout about Salmon fishing at Takaka, and that we should check it out,we did not have a clue that we would greeted with so much vibrancy in a little town.
My kids thought that the town had my name written all over it. "Mom ,you should try convince dada to live here ,rather than in Motueka , your inner hippy /boho self will be very happy here "they joked .

The reason why Takaka will remain etched in our memories for a long time , however ,is very different.
We were hungry and were in a dilemma trying to choose a place to have a quick snack. That is when The Dangerous Kitchen caught our eyes.
To be honest ,we were a little skeptical about going in to dine at first, we kept going back and forth but then got brave and decided to go anyway. Boy!Were we glad we did!
I thought these wall art  there,were cute and funny

slice slice baby....taka pizz..a me
The grilled chicken with cranberry and Brie pizza we had here ,was just so amazing that we haven't stopped talking about it!
Its always  all about food ,for our family.


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