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There has been so many travel posts on my blog lately that It seems like a long time, since I have shown my finished projects here on the blog. Have you been wondering , does she do anything crafty anymore?
So,what I have been upto craft wise?
Actually  I have not been very crafty lately. there's not much to show you .
As Luck would have it, my injured arm is giving me trouble and I'm unable to hold my crochet hook. Because of  which I haven't been crocheting at all.
There are a couple of projects I finished  with much difficulty, inspite of the ache in the arm,
then I just had to take a break. I couldnt  go on without severe pain. 
Bad timing for me , as this has made stocking up my little online store, impossible.
Saving grace however, is that I can knit and also sew. I'm planning to use this time to get better at knitting and sewing.

Anyway, I've been knitting mostly stuff I can use for the winter. But, I'm a slow knitter and I'd probably get to use my on -the -needle -projects next winter!
Its so cold here, btw, Like freezing cold!
I'm SO jealous of the people enjoying the summer in the Northern Hemisphere even though we had our share of lovely summer here. If only I could go into hibernation and come back when summer comes again .... 
Now on to my Finished Projects...
This is a simple cowl I knitted  without any pattern using King Cole Riot
Chunky yarn left over from my Survival Stole

Then I finished my Favourite Scarf Ever .  (Ravelrylink)I had in my stash single skeins of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino with me and decided to use them for this Chevron scarf that I've wanted to make forever. I used the modified version of the scarf (ravelry link)

Like with all my knit projects, I had to frog and redo several times before I could get the pattern right.
Once I got a hang of the pattern , it was smooth sailing and very enjoyable project.
Then  I ran out of yarn! So I stitched up both the wide ends in a whip stitch and turned it into a cowl.
Being able to knit these simple projects keeps me from feeling upset about not being able to crochet.
Another reason why there are not many crafty posts here is that, I have given in to the immediate gratification of Instagram and post  my pictures of my works -in -progress and the very few finished projects there.


  1. Lovely projects! With yummy yarns available there, and the cold weather...surely you'll be crafting much more, Pearlin, get well soon!

    1. thank you Mimi. Its really frustrating I can't craft as much Mimi

  2. I'm sure you don't want to be back here. It is hot, hot, hot! And garbage is swirling around everywhere. Ugh! Interesting that you can't crochet but you can't knit. I sometimes have pain if I crochet for too long at one time. Hope I don't ever have a severe problem that keeps from crocheting at all. Take care! Tammy

    1. Most definitely I don't want the heat and dust Tammy but I do kind of miss Kuwait.
      I knit very slowly and also most of the time continental so I do not use my right hand a lot. It bugs me I cannot crochet but I'm doing exercises to get better. Thank you Tammy.

  3. Lovely cowls and I'm sure you'll get to use them lots with winter on hand for you! Hope your arm continues to heal and feel better.

    1. Thank you Preeti. You are right, I use them a lot now!!


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