Kiwi Yarn Tales

When we were in Arrowtown , we ran into a yarn/ fabric store ,called The Stitching Post 
The Stitching Post. Arrow town.
needless to say I was over the moon at the discovery!

It was closed at the time and couldn't wait until it was daylight; so I could go and have a look inside the shop.
We went there the next morning .It is a lovely store with a wide variety of yarn and fabric and cute notions. I am sure my eyes popped out looking at all the lovely yarn, fabric and notions. They also have some classes.
It was here , I saw a whole rack of Touch Yarns. So soft and squishy .
(I had not heard about it at all!! Before coming here,all that mattered was getting some sort of yarn, nice enough to knit or crochet with.)
I got the touch yarn there reminiscent of the autumn colours all around us  .
The'proudly  made in NZ'  labels caught my eye and for the very first time, it dawned on me that there is a lot of yarn  produced, spun and dyed in NZ to knit and crochet with! (I should have guessed already, having heard that the population of sheep in the country outnumber the people.)

Since I have made New Zealand my home now ,I got curious about the availability of  yarn  that are produced, spun and dyed here  ,to knit and crochet with .
This thought was playing in my mind all the way back and also that I should be using more of the locally made yarn.
When I could catch my breath after the trip, (you know, the  switching back into work mode, the laundry, the usual  after holiday boring stuff you need to get done after you get home to)
I 've been doing a  google search .....
I'm slowly discovering some lovely Indie sellers :
MerakiStudio NZ

Happy go Knitty ,
I got some custom yarn dyed by Helene of Happy go Knitty. I had a picture and I wanted her to replicate the colours for me. Gorgeous stuff that made my heart skip a beat!

Rosewood wool  The package had a little sweet treat inside too!

Koru Designs Aotearoa . Paula very kindly added a  cute little stitch marker in the pack. I love it!!
check out the cute stitch marker on top of the yarn.

to name the few I have found.
As you can see,I got yarn from all of  them. Lovely prompt service and luxurious yarn.It was a warm experience for me all around.
Its so fun ( and Dangerous for your purse)to shop for yarn in the comfort of your home, and so pretty cool to have yarn delivered at my door step.
This was impossible in  Kuwait . We didn't have things delivered at our homes . We had only the company post boxes to rely on and in big companies with busy schedules getting little packages out with rather difficult customs procedures,would the last priority.
In India, it was  fifty fifty chances and most of the time quite a pain ,if yarn came from overseas.

So, I am planning to try to slowly crochet / knit as much as possible  with yarns made in NZ.
Not that I will not work from my stash and try to finish it. I will do that ,but when I buy yarn in the future, I have a few places to look into.  Of course I will  put out a list of the places I find, much like the one I did for Kuwait.


  1. That's surely exciting Pearlin! Those lovely yarns ...lucky you! :)

    1. it surely is Mimi.I've collected quite a bit now :)

  2. Hi Pearlin, Those yarns are so lovely and colorful!!:) I know the overseas shipping problems.
    So now since you are in NZ enjoying those yummy yarns selfishly, I have all rights to look forward in anticipation that you will send those as gifts to your blogger friend some day ....hehehe;)

  3. Haha Preeti! Promise to take me shopping and sightseeing around Hyderabad when I come to India , I'll bring you :D

  4. Oh, that shop looks awesome. I love the little granny bunting and the yarnbombing of the pole. Now there are women here who actually import yarn, sell it from their home and will have it delivered to you for a small fee. I'm finding all sorts of things on Instagram I never knew about. :) Have fun with all that gorgeous yarn.


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