It all started on the weekend when I wanted to do the one pot meal biriyani for lunch. J suggested we make use of the lovely sunny weather and make a picnic....Uncle Google was beckoned and by some means Akaroa showed up and it was decided Akaroa it would be.
Akaroa we learnt is the Moari for Long Harbour. It is an hour and half drive from Christchurch. We might have taken a little longer than that as we stopped in a couple of places.
The boys love biriyani and if you know how the fragrant biriyani can be,you would probably understand how the aroma  beguiled them into chanting nonstop, can we stop now for eating? If you are familiar with' the are we there yet chant' ,then you can easily imagine the ears ready to fall off at this point.
So we stopped at the first  picnic spot we spotted, took some time watching the Swans glide gracefully on the lake...

and then continued on
Enroute, we stopped at Little River and a little dose of history awaited us at the railway station now converted into a little craft store.

Taking one on a trip down memory lane of a bygone era. 
We sauntered around entranced by the antique memorabilia on display...


ticket collecting booth ,

A couple of stops at a few scenic views , later we were in Akaroa.

We didn't know what to expect from Akaroa.We love just getting in the car , with the only intention of exploring and making discoveries along the way.
Most often than not, we just love the places and things that pique our interest as we wander through the streets.

Yes, we had heard that it was once a French Colony. Having lived in Erstwhile french colony , Pondicherry in India and still cherishing the fond memories gathered there, we were more than eager to visit the place.
The French street names cannot go unnoticed of course and this is the only thing that bore any resemblance to Pondicherry.

The old church.. where the choir was just starting practise for the next day's Church service.

The mosaic place .... which was closed as we were there late afternoon... were all very interesting to look at.

If we spot an  ice cream... stopping in , is a given

My sweet as boys... That's kiwi slang for you ,people. 

Hey, I know that guy!
The walk by the beach was delightful,

country bumpkins that we are, we gawked at a bridal party getting their wedding photos for while

 in fact, We seemed to be running into them around the town.

we fell in love with this little car. ... guess it belonged to the wedding party
Drove to  the lighthouse

watched the boats on the bay and walked down the streets looking at few old buildings , taking a peek into a couple of souvenir stores 

before heading back
we do plan to go back sometime in the summer. 


  1. On your return trip in the summer, a visit to "Garden of Tane" for a nice bush walk, and "The Herb Farm" if it's still open (its up one of the valleys) is worth a visit.

    1. Sadly Google tells me the Herb Farm was sold in 2012 so is probably no longer open to the public,

    2. Oh that's sad! I would like to get all the recommendations for must see places when we go there next from you Claudia.
      Thank you for dropping by :)

  2. wow...that was a lovely post Pearlin.


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