Encraftment Winter 2015

Ever since the last Encraftment Market in November,I've been waiting for this year's market.... marking the day on my calendar and closely following the shops that were going to be there.
I was particularly interested in one stall and that was
 Arte-Viva-Living -Art.
As soon as  I saw the array of terrariums, each one better than the other, on their Facebook page,I made up my mind to get one and waited impatiently for the market to come up.

I don't know if you remember the terrarium we had in  Kuwait .If not ,check here , here  and here .
Right when we left Kuwait to NewZealand, in 2012, as we were trying to make up our minds whom to gift it to,it fell down accidentally and broke .
 we kept talking making another one after coming here ,but never did .

 On the day of the market, we got up to a bright and sun shiny day and made a beeline straight to Arte -Viva-Living-Art   before checking out any other stall.

When we went to the stall however, I  hard time trying to choose  one. Truth be told, I wanted to grab a bunch before finally settling on a succulent terrarium.
Here it sits pretty on my window sill, making me smile every time I look at it.
I added a little horse figurine to it.

While there  another stall that completely fascinated me, was  Tiare' .The Art of Flowers
Anna gave a little demo of how she makes her flowers at the stall to a very interested audience. She very graciously agreed to have the picture of her stall taken.
It was  amazing to see so much handmade goodness at one place. Even if one could not buy a lot of things, it was not only  so inspirational to see the lovely creations and admire them, but also have a face to face interaction with the brain behind those wonderful creations .
Needless to say, Encraftment Winter 2015 was an absolutely wonderful market, throbbing with creative energy and a wonderful experience for me!


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