it so cowl here...

Winter is most definitely here ; the bare trees , frosty mornings and cold cold air  chilling to the bone,bear witness to that. All one can think about is staying warm and toasty close to a fire place ideally. 
Being the first winter, a certain someone belonging to the tropics , may have thrown an odd tantrum here and there about wanting to hibernate or migrate to warmer climes .  While at it, might have realised that there was might be some truth in her grandfather's half joking statement a very long time ago, that dance originated from the necessity  to keep  moving and thus warm in colder countries.

Encouraged by the fact that some people I met here, really liked the cowls I made before, I added a couple of them to my felt store.

The idea for these  eco friendly face pads to remove makeup or apply cleanser took shape as I was trying to teach myself to knit ergonomically. I may not have succeeded with that, but I'm very pleased with how these face pads turned out.


  1. Lovely cowls!! We don't get to wear such things here, almost no winter . I am happy not to wear but I will be happy to make one and gift someone :)

    1. Thank you Preeti . Honestly I didn't like at first too but can't do without them .
      I do wish for warmer weather tho

  2. Your handknits look so cozy and the face pads are cute too! We're currently experiencing a heatwave in the PNW, it's hard to imagine winter in July! Stay warm :)

  3. Thank you Preeti, I keep forgetting that it's summer in the other half of the world. I can't wait for summer!


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