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Hi everyone
Its been a while since I posted , you see ,the boys were off school for two weeks and we had  Big B's friend come stay with us for that time. Which made the other friends come and have sleep overs.
The weather was  cold and dreary ,we didn't do much except stay at home which usually always makes the children say "can we have something to eat".
Yup, I spent all the time feeding hungry tummies, which isn't a bad thing really, I quite enjoy it actually... the only downside is that I don't have much time to crochet or knit or sew. However,I did snatch  a stitch here and there.

When I heard about Marinke's passing away, I had to crochet a Mandala for her. I did not follow her blog closely but I have made a couple of her patterns, here and here

This Mandala is Marinke's pattern . I bought it to honour her memory and also because I feel strongly about recognising depression as an illness and treating people accordingly ,without the stigma attached to depression.It breaks my heart that so many creative, loving and wonderful people are taken away from us because there is not much awareness or it is not treated properly or the  illness itself is not taken seriously enough.

These coasters are also by her, but I do not have the pattern, I just saw a picture and made them. The darker coaster is more me I guess. but tell me,Which colour do you prefer? 

I am still unable to hold small hooks  but when I tried DK and a bigger hook,  I  was pleasantly surprised that I  could crochet without any pain!

Which, of course ,led me to join the  Crochet Along for Shawl/Stole/Scarf at Passionate about Crochet FB group , hoping to start crocheting again.

I've  had the Sunday Shawl pattern a long time now, I  even had the yarn ready.
Only after I started , I realised that the pattern calls for 8-ply yarn while I had 4 ply yarn.
Whats new!I always dive in head first!!
So Anyway,  I  started with a 3 mm hook and tried a different grip. It did not work. So I frogged the whole thing and tried with a 5.5 mm hook,I imagined there will be more drape to the shawl, but  that was not satisfying either. More Frogging happened but frustration didn't set in , because I was thrilled I was crocheting again.
Finally I settled on a 4 mm addi swing hook and it was a lovely working with it. I 'm quite pleased with how the colours worked together and also how airy and light the shawl is

This is the true colour.

Here is a close up of the border which I love!!


  1. Your shawl is looking beautiful and so are the coasters and the mandala. I know how depression manipulates the thought process of a person because I have gone through it and even now suffer a bit. Meditation helps, crafting too but not always.
    I get pain with bigger size hooks because my hands are really very small. I am most comfortable with 2.75 and 3 mm hooks.

  2. thank you Preeti. I know what you mean Preeti about the manipulating thoughts and please take care dear friend.


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