Dyeing to knit- DIY

Ever since I got custom dyed yarn, I've been intrigued by the dyeing process.
As I was searching up tutorials online , Lil B joined me too. He is always wanting to learn how chemicals work together and his aim in life is to be an scientist . So I thought it would be a good opportunity for him too.
Moreover, I wanted him to be interested in colours too. He loves to draw, but only likes to use pencil or black ink and doesn't like to use colours in his pictures. It kind of has bothered me because of how much I like colours.
We then decided we'd just go to the Hands store . The lovely lady there helped us by explaining the process ,the yarn we needed and the colours we would need.
LilB chose three colours because, you see,he wanted variegated yarn!He is my child after all! You have to do the complicated stuff first!
So he chose teal, blue and navy.
Saturday we gathered all the supplies we collected over the week 
And set to work.
First we wound the yarn in to five different batches.
Next we soaked the yarn in lukewarm water for twenty minutes. Yes ,we timed it.

We then mixed up the dye bath using some instructions that were on the colour bottle . I mixed up Vinegar (150ml divided into three parts)in lukewarm water and added a teaspoon of each colour in each pot.  
Then we put in the yarn to dye and let it soak for about seven to ten minutes each.
Then I wrapped them in cling wrap and put it in the microwave for three minutes each .
Then we took it out and washed till the water ran clear. 
The day being sunny, we put it out to dry 
It's still drying. 
We did different variations with the five 
Batches and two of them we dyed into solid colours.
My plan is to knit up the yarn once it's dry,will keep you all updated.
Lil B is thrilled with how fast this worked and is already eager to try other colour combinations and mixing up colours. He even wants to start yarn dying company.
For now ,he is busy trying to think up a cool name for our first ever hand dyed yarn. 
The yarn we used is 100% pure New wool from the brand called natural which is made in New Zealand 
And the dye is Ashford wool dye


  1. thats a lovely thing to do it together. waiting to see the output of dying.

    1. it was surprisingly easy and quick Nima


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