When a friend invited Lil B and I to spend a long weekend with her at Hanmer, we jumped at the chance. She asked Lil B to invite a friend along and Lil B was thrilled that he would be able to  spend time with his friend.

 I had heard that Hanmer is a lovely little town , an hour and a half drive from Christchurch. Famous for its Thermal hot pools.
Once there, I realised  thats not just what Hanmer has to offer.
A walk up conical hill while being a test of your fitness level,

will also treat you with some of the most breathtaking views .

After a little rest and food, you could do the walk in the picturesque forest

 and enjoy the gorgeous tall trees,

the one piece of wisdom that I will not forget in a hurry
 and meadows.
Do a bit of shopping in some of the quaint boutique shops; there is a lovely little shop the name of which slips my mind, where I saw some stunning jewellery and other handmade things along with art by local artists featuring native subjects.
there is a bit of history hidden there too in the Queen Mary hospital where war veterans from the First world war were treated. Even though its closed at the moment, it is worth a peek to get a glimpse of the past.

And ....then, one can go and soak up in the thermal pools all day long to relax those tired muscles, while  the children zoom down tirelessly on  hydroslides there.


  1. Sounds like a fun trip and a wonderful place to go hiking!

    1. yes Preeti, its a wonderful hiking place

  2. Glad to know you had a nice time :)


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