Winter Scarf for J

Trying to wrap my head around how seasons creep in ever so stealthily is beyond me.
The day seems to break a wee bit earlier than a couple of days before. It catches my attention out of the blue and I 'm left open mouthed, wondering,'whoa, when did that start to happen?!"

Much like the unwritten , unnoticed milestones that happen in the lives of my children...
Something as simple as my freshly minted eleven year old being able to make my sweet corn salad, 
all  by himself, without any help...a dull ache seems to originate in my stomach and spreads all over as I helplessly see time slipping by as sand between my fingers... sorry for the detour... but I'm unable to get  the baby image of Lil B out of my head!

I'm surprised by how quickly this scarf finished.Even after frogging it twice to suit  J's specifications. With the weather now changing,I know  this scarf  wouldn't be actively used. Knowing that it will be ready at hand, when the weather gets temperamental, makes me satisfied to be able to hold the finished product in hand.
As much as I enjoy the process of making something, being able to use a finished object takes the excitement up a notch.

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  1. Every time I leave my boy at college in Colorado, I feel a sense of loss. When I see toddler boys, I wonder where time went. It's crazy. I have a feeling when I'm 70 and he's 50, I'll still be feeling the same way. Great scarf! Best wishes, Tammy

    1. you are right Tammy, they will always remain our boys:))
      thank you

  2. Your scarf is looking great!! I know how time goes quickly and children grow very fast. Don't worry, you will get to enjoy grandchildren again:)

    1. Thank u Preeti.hahaha I tell my kids that and they tell me not to dream too much :)) but a girl can dream ,no? :D

  3. Scarf is lovely. Time is running very fast. Can't believe that my boys are 8 and 6 now.


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