Here's to another and many many more

A year of memories, ups and downs, seasons and changes, of new friends and reconnecting with old...
Much like the season we are in right now... Spring...its a new lease of life.
 Transition never is easy... but deep in my soul, I know , I belong here...regardless of the fact  I was born in a country far far away on another continent
 The golden Belle peach tree in our garden is blooming and I'm amazed that the flowers arrive first before the leaves...much like dessert before a meal.
Last year, we had a good harvest of those juicy fruits... one more reason for us to smile as we were settling in,
And as we step into another year with dreams and hopes and so many plans...
I want to Thank you Lord for making us lie down in green pastures, for leading us beside still waters and restoring our souls this far.


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