Spring has sprung

September is here and so is Spring.As I witness the earth come alive with flowers, a little shiver runs through my spine, marvelling at the miracle of the change ,of seasons and the beauty of this land that we live in, now.
The little drizzle I see outside, as I sip my morning tea ,out through the large dining room window, takes  me on a nostalgic trip down memory lane ... family seated together around the dining table, enjoying cups of coffee and fried onion bhajis ;with the sound of loud laughter  and discussions  echoing through all the rooms in our home ,only rivalled by the  loud thunderstorms .... I do miss those torrential monsoon rains  blasting forth from the  heavens like blankets of water.
There are so many unfinished projects in my WIP(work in progress) basket....including ones I have finished but not woven in the ends. Thats unfinished too right?

The promise of summer  and lazy holidays in the near future_ if days go by  at this speed , we'll be in the end of the year in no time_I drift in and out of daydreams and put off finishing my almost finished projects.
We had a nice little celebration for Big B's birthday. He had a couple of friends over for dinner and sleep over. After wiping out the lasagne I 'd made for them, they all watched a scary movie into the wee hours. I was quite pleased that the pancakes ,scrambled eggs, and sausages I made the next morning also met with the same hearty reception. If the smile that went all the way up to his eyes was a gauge , I guess it was a truly happy birthday celebration.


  1. Happy birthday to your big boy. Zack will be 17 next month and my college boy will be turning 20 one month from today. Yikes! How did that happen? September always makes me think end of year. Still very hot here and yesterday a yucky dust storm but blue skies are back today. There always projects, finished and unfinished and in between. :)

  2. Thank you Tammy. It seems like yesterday , doesn't it.
    I was tell J the other day that the only thing I miss in Kuwait are the friends we had and the food there.:)) I'm trying hard to finish the ones I have but the lure of starting new ones always always get me :D


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