Day Tripping : Mount Hutt

The boys had been waiting to go back to Mount Hutt ever since the Winter. One thing or the other came in the way and it never happened. 
Finally, the very last day of the season arrived.The weather was just magical and it was the weekend.When everything aligned so perfectly , the much longed for  trip had to happen! 
Mount Hutt is the largest ski area in the South Island, about an hour 's drive from Christchurch.
The views up hill and down were just spectacular.
Once there , it was buzzing with activity, families arriving and leaving .The parking area is very neatly organised and so we found a parking without much difficulty.
The boys had been  there last season .I couldn't go because I was not well.So it was the first time for me.

look... a Kea...The Kea is the world's only Alphine Parrot
Snow jackets , pants and boots plus the ski/ snowboarding gear are all available for hire
 My adventure loving boys wanted to try some of the activities there.
Lil B wanted to learn to ski

Big B wanted to learn to snowboard
With the help of their very patient and enthusiastic teachers, they went up a couple of levels from where they started.
We had lunch at the nice cafe there .The view from the deck and inside the cafe of the ski field is just fantastic.
Being the last day of the season, there was a competition .We were awestruck by the control and skill  displayed by some of the participants.
 It was just amazing!
We drove through Methven.which is a small town in the Canterbury region. The drive through serene rural Canterbury was the apt  finish  to our adventure filled day; which included a certain person  slipping and sliding and then falling bang  in the  snow and  ending up with a very sore back  .


  1. Pearlin, your photos showed wonderfully what an awesome adventure that was!

  2. Ha-ha! I would have been slippin' and a slidin', too. Sounds like an awesome day and the views were spectacular. My college boy has done sand boarding and snow boarding and he says it is sooooooooo hard. One time he wiped out in a snow bank and was stuck for an hour before someone came along and helped him. Scary!


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