Going Ga Ga over Garlands

Is it too early to think about Christmas ?

If you are a long time reader of my blog, you might know how I go a little crazy over Christmas time.
I plan what I want to have/do for Christmas all year round .Every year, I want to crochet garlands but somehow or the other , it never happens. This year, I got to it way ahead of time .
Garlands always add  extra cheer and colour to the celebratory festive mood don't you think?

When I posted a picture of some of my recent finishes on my FB page, I got a request to give links for the patterns I used.So I thought I'd share some of my favourite garlands here on the blog ... I am leaning towards stars this year so there are four different star patterns in this round up.

Ofcourse, this is not an exhaustive list. There are so many more out there,plus any of your favourite motif can be converted into a garland. Mix and match motifs, the sky is the limit.


(has step by step picture tutorial and Chart even though the site is in German)
 ( has chart and link to free pdf pattern)
(has chart and written pattern)
5. Snowflakes in Neon  (picture tutorial)
(chart of the original pattern from Ravelry)
 ( Chart and Video tutorial in Spanish)

 If I have missed your favourite ones ,please feel add them in the comments .


  1. Hi Pearl, this year im also leaning towards stars and trees. have crocheted snowflakes last year, for me and to sell. i counted it later and it was around 250. happy that i made both good profit and cheer n sparkly home!
    and yes, i too plan all year for christmas. we think a lot alike :)

  2. Hello Pearlin ! How are you ? Beautiful crochets. I love 2,4 & 8.

    1. Hi Divya
      Thank you . I hope the same with you too.


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