Its time to catch up

Hi everyone
The month of November only brings Thanksgiving to my mind. As a big chunk of my extended family lives in the US, I always try to celebrate the day as a day to reminiscence the wonderful things God has blessed us with in our lives.
However, how I ended up smack dab  in the middle of November, with not so much as a squeak on the blog ,is beyond me.
One thing after the other happened , that I haven't been able to update whats going on here.
I have much to be thankful for though.
Starting this week, my handmade garlands and snowflakes will be available for sale at the Pay it Forward Outlet. Which is super exciting for me.
 I Stressed over spent a  good deal of time trying to design a logo .
  Lisa Glanz graciously agreed to let me use her free logo design  then it kind of evolved from there with inputs from my brother , J and the boys. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I'm excited and is looking forward to see how this venture pans out.
We also went on a Fishing camp to Lake Heron.
It was a freezing but also a very heartwarming trip.
 The boys had so much fun
This time Big B had company and he enjoyed kayaking with some friends in the river. Like always J made sure that I was snug as a bug in our tent.
This trip  immediately puts a smile on my face as memories of good times, laughter ,conversation, fellowship and food come scrambling by, just like that ,when I'm doing something as simple as a making a sandwich! And I get transported back to those mountains again. 


  1. cool yaar..was not able to access your blog for llong. here !

    1. oh why was that Sona? So nice to see you drop by.

  2. Your snowflake garlands are very pretty and the logo looks superb !! :) Nice to see you enjoy camping with your family. I tried to peep into the tent but I could not see you:) Great way of showing your pic assuming that you are inside the tent

    1. haha I'm not in the tent Preeti :)).thank you for all your kind words.

  3. snowflakes garland looks pretty much of happenings at your side...sorry for not stopping by frequently..

    1. Thank you Nima.So nice to see you on my blog.


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