Is it beginning to look like Christmas...

at your home? Have you put up the Christmas tree ? Ours is still not up!The reason for it is , we still are  debating if we want a real tree or a fake tree this year. While  I love the pine fragrance that fills the entire living room with a real tree, I kind of feel sad as the leaves droop and dry over the weeks. So we haven't decided yet.
Not just that, the floods in Chennai kind of dampened my spirits too. By God's grace all my family and friends there are safe.Still , to lose everything to the powers of nature, little children left to fend for themselves against nature's fury,what a calamity! 
There were heavy rains in our part of Tamil Nadu as well.The river that runs through our town is full to the brim,the well in my father's farm is full to the brim.It has been weighing heavy on my mind.
I really need to be more organised. Too many things swimming around  in my head at this time.  New patterns, ideas even before I finish the ones I'm working on. 
The Spice of Life Blanket sits there untouched with all good intentions of finishing it by the New Year  still intact,but how that is going to be accomplished, uncertain.
I fished out one of my long finished and forgotten table runner to photograph and document today. If you follow me on Instagram , you might have seen the Work in progress pictures.
The pattern for the project or inspiration for the project came from Srividya. I saw her very beautiful runner on Ravelry and followed the link she gave to Linda Crochets and figured out the pattern from the pictures. Ofcourse mine has to be a runner of many colours.
The yarn I used for this project is a mix of Laura cotton and Balinese Cotton. The Balinese cotton is much softer and a tad thicker than  Laura cotton.I forget which hook I used for it .
I struggled a little with the edging. Eventually I used a chart I found on Pinterest.
J wants to frame this as wall art for our home. I'm not sure how that can be done. So I'm letting it hibernate for now.


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