the last few days of 2015...

Is filled with simple joys and slow days.
Our Christmas tree and decorations have been all packed away for the year.
The Hydrangeas are blooming
Lil B brought some in to decorate the hall.
Lil B and his two little friends next door, run in and out of each other's home. 
The play coffee shop in a little set up they have made with old palettes ,
offers a lot of entertainment and imaginative play. 
They jump on the trampoline, and play water fight late into the evening, as the summer sun doesn't set before 9:00 p.m Inbetween they squeeze in a war with their Clash of clan, while building lighthouses and cars and houses with their Lego blocks. 
Big B is super pleased with his skateboard that finally arrived after endlessly tracking it online. He 

 J being home on holidays means lazy mornings, late breakfast in PJ s. 
Friends dropping by with fresh cherries is a happy bonus.
It's always nice to have company  drop by ,specially when  they  cheerfully share our very Indian breakfast of poori and potato Bhaji.
I love how Summer and laid back and holidays and celebrations all go hand in hand in NZ this time of the year.
The slow days also allows us the luxury to hop  into the car for a long ride just to have our home made  lunch and go for a long walk. 
I wasn't particularly interested to walk in that sun so I opted to sit in the car and knit.
Wishing for more of these days in 2016 ..
Happy New Year my friends... 


  1. Looks like lovely days. And great to see that kids are using their imaginations for playtime. Imagine that! :) Happy new year!

  2. Happy New Year to you too Tammy


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