A New Year has Dawned ...

and it's already a week into the New Year !

Hi Everyone,
This is  my first post for the New Year and I want to wish each one of you a very happy New Year.
I hope you had a wonderful time with your loved ones celebrating.
Do you have special traditions for the New Year's Eve?
Back in India and Kuwait, we always had the Watch Night Service at Church, which we attended without fail.Here in New Zealand, we don't have that and so J and I had our own version at home. 
Then later in the day, we joined friends for a walk around the Glentui waterfall
This place is about an hour's drive from Christchurch. It is so serene and lush .
(At  the waterfall, my friend showed us the little Fan tail nest they had discovered there.If you looked closely at the nest,in the picture below, you might even catch a little orange open mouth, demanding to be fed. The little miracles of nature never cease to amaze me.)
and later for a sumptuous picnic lunch .It was a warm and sunny day and the children had a blast swimming and splashing about in the Ashley Gorge river.
We stayed on till late in the evening before heading back home.
It was a lovely day and time just flew by. 

J decided to take some time off work for the holidays and it has been so fun. He rarely takes time off and so it is always a welcome treat for all of us.
We have been enjoying our time together a lot.  I used this time to try out new recipes,binge watch some of our old favourite T.V shows, (anyone  remember X files and The FBI Files ? we got a chuckle out of the fact that they used pagers and landline telephones to get in touch in those days. Back then it seemed so cool and now it seems just strange :)) of course Agatha Christy's Poirot,  )
visit the new library/ community centre at Halswell.I came away impressed by the cool reading chair swings they have there. As always, I brought back a bunch of Handmade Mags. Funny thing is, I have never made anything from these mags, but just love to  read these mags .

The car knitting project that I showed you earlier is now finished.I just have to weave in the ends and then I can show you all the pictures.
I already have my next project on the needles . It might seem like I've been very busy craft wise, but in reality, I'm slowing down  . I 'm having a few health issues, nothing connected with my hands or back. Its my heavy head and ringing ears thats causing the problems. Not sure what that is about, I'm just willing in my mind for them to go away.
I do not have a year long project plan ,about things I want to make in the year 2016. I used to make a long list of things and projects I want to make, but I have realised that it only leaves me with a  Lot of undone projects.
So, I've just decided to take one project at a time and work on it. Focusing just on heartfelt handmade aspect of the things I'm making. 
 I'm hoping to finish two of my WIPs along side my new projects. I have about four works in progress. Three of which are the Spice of Life blankets and  one very  long time WIP. I have not given up on that table runner yet and its growing one scallop at a time ,mistakes and all.

So tell me, have you started your 2016 projects yet? Have you planned out what you want to make for the whole year? Do you have a list?.

Before I sign off ,I just want to show you this lovely yarn I'm using for my next project. Isn't it gorgeous?! Its handdyed wool yarn from MerakistudioNZ and is called Northern Lights.Lil B who was watching me photograph this yarn commented the colour looked like Northern Lights. When I told him that that was the name of the yarn, he was pleased as punch he got it right.
I started this project, only because I wanted to work with this yarn.Its so soft. oh and its a KAL project .(Knit Along).
I want to thank and welcome all new followers on my blog. I hope you will find your stay here enjoyable.
Wishing you Simple Joys and Contentment in the New Year .
Talk to you all later.
Much Love


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