Dear New Teacher

A few more days of school for Lil B. He is  moving to a different school the coming year and is really very sad to leave his friends. One of his friends is leaving NZ on a sad note for good
As he was getting ready for school this morning, he told me his heart aches for her , because he has been there before. While I'm always amazed at his sensitivity for the feelings of other, I was very proud today, when I saw that he had  written a little note for his friend and  asked me for a gift wrapper .Then I learnt that he was planning to give her  a little Fruit Nugget packet from his snack stash. His mother's heart just melted into mush.
This morning as I was cleaning the lounge, I found a folded paper. It was a letter to his future teacher!! I just want to pack up that sweet innocence in a little box and never let it go.

I would like to be a fly inside his head


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