Hold and Cherish

Hi Everyone,
 I might have shared this memory before on this blog...
My love for drawstring bags or churuku pai , as we call it,goes back to my childhood days . People from my hometown maybe familiar with the tradition. How and why it came about, I have no memory of .
What I do remember, is the  early morning visit from my grand uncle to give us sangam money and then slowly gifts of money from other relatives' home would trickle in.And then my mom would get set to sew drawstring pouches for us. We  felt very rich for the day ,being able to spend our own money in the evening ,in the pop up local market where vendors sold sweets and wooden toys. So to me, churuku pai drawstring pouches are treasure bags of memories and very first pocket money.

Drawstring bags always seem to contain something precious to hold and cherish.
 When I made a bunch of these drawstring bags with my absolute favourite floral and polka dot prints,name Hold and cherish  just popped up in my mind. So they are my Hold and Cherish bags... to hold and cherish  knit and crochet projects. Btw, Cherish is my absolute favourite word of all times .
The Inspiration to make these bags came about when I  was thinking how to pack the scarf I made for my secret Santa partner. I thought it would be a good idea to give it in a bag that she can also use later on  as a project bag . 
I followed the tutorial from In Colour order for Lined Drawstring bags. 
This size which I think is perfect, is free. Other sizes are also available for purchase. The tutorial is pretty thorough and very easy to follow with all the step by step pictures.
Whenever I have to cut fabric, I work myself into knots. This time I opted to use Fat quarters. Granted that this is a small project ,the sewing itself doesn't take a long time but the preparation sometimes wears me out.
To make it less stressful for me, I broke the entire sewing project into small chunks at a time. Over time, I have come to the realisation that I make mistakes when I'm tired. So I cut the fabric one day, did one part of sewing another day and then finished it the third day.  I used sheer satin ribbon for the drawstring.
This way, I enjoyed the making without making too many mistakes and getting frustrated. I will definitely be making more of these bags.
They are so handy to put my projects in and the pretty fabric make good eye candy too. 
On to project bags with zippers now.
Talk to you all later


  1. Draw string bags are cute. The floral prints in the fabric are so beautiful. Whenever I hear the name churukku pai, I remember the old grandmas in our place having it in their hip. Nice projects. A belated birthday wish to you Pearlin.

  2. Thank you Shami , hehe , grandmas selling murukus with betel stained teeth and churuku pai tucked on the hip is a memory etched on my mind too 😊

  3. Lovely! The perfect way to wrap up a gift. Cherish and hold is a good name for the bags bringing back wonderful memories from your childhood. I make mistakes when I'm tired, too, like the other night crocheting late when I realized on my granny square blanket I had put a corner in the middle of the row. Oops! Had to frog a couple of rows and start over, but first I went to bed and then worked on it the next day. :)

  4. Thank you so much Tammy. It's always nice to know there people who are a lot like me even if they half way across the world:D

  5. The bags are so pretty. Love the floral and polka dot fabrics. I have a sewing machine but I don't use it other than to mend tears and things like that which don't require much skills. I think I should take it out and learn to do some basic easy sewing projects.

    1. thank you so much Pradeep. I've only now started to take out the sewing machine :)

  6. It has been ages since i visited your blog...good to see and read all your lovely stuff...social media developed so far above our imagination and so we will meet up in one of them...and visiting blogs went into back seat..


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