How to Finish and Frame Embroidery

Hi Everyone
 After seeing Shami's comment in the previous post,I just thought I will post a few  links of how to  neatly finish and frame embroidery hoops.

  1. There is this tutorial that walks you through  hot glueing the edges to the back
  2. The second one is  one, where one  can add some padding and a  piece of fabric to cover the back following this tutorial
  3. Or simply add a different piece of  fabric at the back to hide the stitches like in this tutorial
  4.  Or finish by applying a cardstock to the back with glue
  5. The final one ; my  favourite and the one I followed for my Valentine Hoop is from  this tutorial from Sew Mama Sew

I hope you  find these links useful.
Talk to you all later.


  1. Thanks Pearlin. I always use hotglue and another fabric to cover up, have to try using felt.

  2. thanks pearlin for all the links. I will go thru it and will come up with some hoop hangings.

  3. Thank you for the links pearlin...i haven't made anything like this yet...i would love to try it out


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