It's a Wrap

Hi Lovely people
I'm at crossroads and on this blog, I've gotten to the end of the road. Thank you for coming along with me on this blogging trail over the past 10 years. I started out knowing nothing, i'v learnt so much and grown along the way. Thank you my dear friends for sharing my journey, through laughter and tears . And through my creative path.
Appreciate the friendships, the creativity, the inspiration that has come my way through this blog. 
I will leave this blog for a couple more days  before closing out completely.
I will continue to mini blog my crafty creations on Instagram @planetpearlpics. 
Thank you to all my readers.
With love


  1. Oh! why? I hope you are busy with your creativity and have got a live group of crafters in your neighbourhood. Blogging does help in connecting with fellow crafters and their creations, but again, if you feel elsewhere is more relaxed and easy then I wish you good luck with your future crafty adventures :) I will miss your posts here :(

    1. No Preeti I have not found any live group . I have so many things going on , all at the same time that I want to take sometime away to try and figure out what I want to do. I definitely plan to keep in touch with all blogging friends through their blogs . I just will not be blogging . Thank you for your wishes dear friend.

  2. well. .it happens often , this wrapping for me. My last post on my pick quicks was somewhere in 2014, just baout 4 posts, and now, this year. A neglect, basically from my side..and of course, i lacked interest. Somewhere, down the line..i have just got back..temporarily, i think. ANyways....jsut keep in touch :)

    1. sure will keep in touch Sona. thank you :)


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