A Ray of sunshine

Images of summer making the rounds on the Internet , makes me wish I were a bird . I could just fly to warmer places and come back here when it's summer again.
The days may be short but the week seems to drag on. I really would like to hibernate and stay in the cozy comfort of my home all week .Cook something delicious , crochet or knit all day .I feel lucky there's still a lot of green around me to stare at through the window even if it rains.
when the Sun's golden rays does come out eventually, I am all chirpy and happy. Recharged for a couple more days. I'm a tropical girl through and through.

Two of my friends from church came over to visit me and I made onion pakoras and muruku for them along with some ginger tea. It reminded me of the fun times I had in Kuwait with my friends there.
One of them made this gorgeous cushion for me. I just adore the print and that colour ? Oh It would help me cheer up in the absence of the sunlight. But wait...
Look what's there at The back ! Be still my heart ! How sweet is that?! 
Isn't it wonderful how these random acts of kindness bring with them a ray of sunshine into our lives no matter what the weather is outside?
Lil B and I watched the finale  of Castle! on TVNZ Demand. We are sad it's over because it was our bonding over a TV show thing. We do have My Kitchen Rules , Seven Sharp and Location Location but still Castle will be sorely missed !


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