J and I sometimes go for walks around our neighbourhood. Relishing the  fresh chill air blowing through our hair and caressing our cheeks. It was on one such walks we met Mr G.
We smiled at him the first time, exchanged pleasantries the next and the third time, we stood on the road and chatted for a good twenty minutes. We invited him to our home for a cup of tea. Our house was closer  to the walk way than his. He promised to come one day with his wife.
In the middle of a chaotic once in a while tantrum from the tween, there was a knock on the door. We were not expecting anyone. Wondering who it could be, relieved to have a break from the tears and screams, J opened the door .Mr G and his lovely wife were standing at the door, smiling with a plate of freshly baked raisin scones neatly cling wrapped on a disposable plate. They probably heard the loud noises but showed no signs of having heard them.
We got to know them a little , they got to know us a little. I offered to make tea, but they were going somewhere else.It was a lovely short sweet visit,but Oh so heartwarming.
After we said our goodbyes, we devoured the scones.They were delicious. (I forgot to take a picture..duh). Tantrums forgotten, we got back to our easy lazy Friday evening routine.
They may never know , but their little act of kindness, turned back the chaos in our home to its original calmness.


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