Weekend Witter

Friday night I got some disappointing news  topping a few other disappointing things that happened that day. The unfairness of it all led to a  very sleepless night.
Saturday morning ,did nothing to lift the heaviness off my mind and the weather matched my mood to a T; Grey ,gloomy and weepy all day.

I tried  a bit of  organising around the house,a bit of cooking,trying to put on a brave face and to push down the gloom that was pulling me down.
Lil B's friend came knocking on the door.  I was glad to go and hide in my room and look at the lone Magpie in our yard from the warm comfort of my bedroom window and read the collection of Katie FFord's stories I'd borrowed from the library.
Sunday was sunshiny and bright .Albeit wet and the cold breeze still blowing through, the leaves and trees sported a very fresh clean look , after the nice long shower the previous night. The scent of the dying leaves on the wet earth filled the air.
The trees are slowly but surely putting on their skeletal appearance in preparation for Winter , through all the vibrant colours still visible around.
On the way to the church, I realised we hadn't taken a walk in the park, enjoying the crunch of the crisp leaves under our feet.Snow seems to have descended on the far away Alps. We were thrilled to catch a glimpse of the snow capped mountain peaks from our home.
Between attending church, having  lunch at a newly discovered Indian restaurant ,  the silly teasing between my boys , the laughter and listening to Tim McGraw's songs, I got out of my dumps and was feeling grateful for the true treasures I have in my life , regardless how unfair things sometimes get in the outside world.


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