Weekly Update #1

Hi Everyone
There is something so special about a Friday for me, relief that the  weekend is here after all .Time to just be and not  worry about driving in rush hour traffic or finding a parking spot at pick up time.Time to relax and have some fun.
I started this week with a very grateful heart.so many things happened but there was also so much to be thankful for .
Among all the craziness, we found time to sit together as a family and watch Zootopia. It was something we had wanted to watch for quite some time . A fun movie that we all enjoyed very much! I loved the GodFather reference , the office of Sloths. It did not seem like we watched a  kids movie at all!. There is something so special being able to do simple things together as a family
One of our friend's daughter from church was selling bath bombs that she 'd made with her friends at school and we got two of those. One Rose scented and another Lavender . Lil B laid claim on the rose scented one. (yes we share bathbombs with each other ).They smell divine . I haven't used mine because I was waiting for the weekend to arrive.Lil B came home with  box of pepper mint truffles he made in school in his food technology class. Beautifully packed in a box that he also made , complete with a handwritten note.This boy sure knows the way to his mumma's heart!. 
Let the weekend begin.
Much love


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