How to make Ginger Chai

Growing up in a home  dominated by staunch coffee drinkers, I cannot remember where my love for a good cup of tea came from.I did not fancy the karupatti kappa that was offered at evening snack  time , so skipped drinking coffee altogether.J is not a coffee or tea drinker either and so I did not have the need to make ritualistic early morning coffee in  our home.
It was in Pondichery that I was introduced to masala chai along with a spicy plate of kothu parrota .Still there was never the ritualistic tea making in our home until we came to NZ!
A couple of years back,when we were in India ,my aunt introduced me to Red Label Nature Care tea  and it turned out to be my go to drink during the really cold first winter in Christchurch. My comfort drink for homesickness and warmth !
When I had finished the tea stash I brought with me from India,my search for Nature Care Tea all over Christchurch came to nothing. I was relieved I found the Red Label tea here. I just add ginger or cardamon and I’m good to go!
Since I have grown to love my cup of chai so much I thought I will share it on the blog for my readers (if any!) to make at home as its pretty easy and quick.
Ingredients to serve 2

Water :  1 1/2 cup
Milk :    1/2 cup
Fresh Ginger : 2″ piece
Tea  Powder  :2.5 tsps
Sugar as per taste
Crush the ginger. Add it to the water in a saucepan and allow to boil till you can smell the aroma of the ginger come through.Add the tea  powder and allow to simmer for a couple of minutes. Add in the milk .Switch off the flame. Let it sit  for a minute. Strain into a cup with a tea strainer.Add sugar as required. Serve piping hot!


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