How to make J's Chicken Briyani

Briyani or Biriyani or Birinani as Big B calls it, is a family favourite. Specially for Big B ,it has been his favourite ever since he was a wee little boy . My mom loves making it for him whenever we are there.Left to himself,he will eat it three times a day ,all year.
Briyani being a tasty one pot meal that gets ready in no time once the preparations are done, J has taken it upon himself to make it often during the weekends for lunch or dinner. Thought I will share the recipe with my readers as  we all love this version.

Ingredients to serve 4 
375 gms Chicken ( we like to use boneless, skinless chicken thighs.)
250 gms Basmati rice
2 Onions  thinly sliced
3 tbsp Greek yogurt
2tsp chill pd
1 tsp coriander pd
1/4 tsp turmeric pd
1/2tsp Garam masala
1small bunch fresh coriander leaves
2 green chillies
2 bay leaves
1″ stick cinnamon
2 cloves
4 garlic
1″ ginger
2tsp ghee/oil
1tsp oil
1/4 cup Kara coconut milk.

Make a fine paste of ginger and garlic using a pestle n mortar.
Take chicken in a bowl , add the yogurt, chilli powder, coriander pd, Garam masala powder, ginger garlic paste , salt and 1tsp oil. a little chopped coriander. Half of the whole spices.Mix well and keep aside for 1/2 an hour.
Wash the rice and soak for 10 mins.( ideally soak the rice just when you start preparing the cooking )

In a skillet, pour 1tsp ghee add one half of the onion and sauté till they turn golden brown. Keep aside. 
In a pressure cooker, pour 1tsp ghee, add other half of the whole spices, when they splutter add the other half of the onions.
When they turn pink, add in the marinated chicken . Sauté for 5 minutes. Add 1 and 3/4 cup water. Allow the water to boil . When the water boils add the coconut milk and just as it begins to boil add the rice, and coriander leaves.. Mix once and close. When the steam comes, place the weight, cook for 10 mins.
After 10 mins, let the pressure come down completely . Open .sprinkle the fried onions. Serve with cucumber raita.
Cucumber Raita
1 medium cucumber
1/2 cup greek yoghurt
1 small green chilli
1 sprig mint leaves
salt to taste
Chop the cucumber into small cubes. Beat the yoghurt till smooth. Add the diced cucumber , finely chopped green chilli and mint leaves. Season with salt. Chill and serve.


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