Keffiyah Cowl

If you knew me in real life, you would probably have  heard me say that I love cowls a lot . I prefer them over scarves because of how you don’t have to fuss with them like you would a scarf if it gets out of place.
When I finished this  cowl and posted on Instagram , there were a couple of people who said it looked like the Keffiyah , the distinct red and white Kuwaiti headdress and asked for the pattern.
I decided write down the pattern and call it the Keffiyah cowl as it was indeed inspired by the Kuwaiti headdress .

It is really a very simple pattern to make. Basically its only the houndstooth crochet pattern that I decided to turn into a cowl. When I posted a picture on Instagram, there was some interest in this pattern. So  I decided to write down the pattern those who might be interested to make one for themselves..
. I used Heritage Organic Merino yarn  a light worsted weight yarn
Melon Sorbet  50 Gm X 1.25skeins
Ecru 50 Gm X 1.5 skeins

Hook :4.5 mm ; 3.25 mm
(US instructions )
SC = single crochet
DC= double Crochet
SL ST= slip stitch
CH= chain
With  Melon , CH 27
Row :1  SC in second ch from hook, DC in next ch, ( sc in next ch, dc in next ch) , repeat () till the end.
Change Colour to Ecru , ch 1, turn
To change colour, at the end of the row, draw through the new colour in the last loop of the final dc or sc in the row.
Alternatively, you can also carry the yarn through . In which case you will need more yarn.
Row :2 Sc in first dc, dc in next sc ( sc in next stitch , DC in next sc) Repeat ( ) until the end of the row.
Repeat row 2 until desired length , making sure your last row is the colour that is opposite to your starting colour.
Whip stitch the short ends together . Weave in all loose ends.
For the Scallop Edging
using the 3.25 mm hook,Start the edging at the point where the joining ends. Along the wider side of the cowl, make ch3, 2 DC  in the 3rd ch from hook. Skip two stitches . Sl st in the next stitch. Repeat around. Finish off.
Do the same on the other long side. Weave in the ends .


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