End of Holidays review

A new term begins today . The two weeks seemed like they went past too fast. They were indeed better than I expected them to be.
Lil B went swimming with a friend and she came over often to play in the park with him.He went to play at another friend’s home spa. The friend came Over to play with Lil B and explore the neighbourhood.we got to know  the parents of these kids.Plus a birthday celebration happened. It felt good.
We practised our cleaning oneself up , making bed and keeping room clean, Bible verse reading /study, 30 minutes creative work , 30 minutes outside work before T.V / computer time kicked in plan. We stuck to plan most of the days.
With the weather being gorgeous,the 30 minutes outside time sometimes got extended to an hour or so . Which ,while helping him get the required exercise, it also helped him get to know the cycle pathways in our area.
The last weekend seemed busy even though nothing noteworthy happened. All I can say is we have rediscovered our love for Naturally Icecreams . My favourites are Almond Fudge mocha and their Salted Caramel Pistachio , while Big B and Lil B are big fans of their Mango Sorbets . J always goes for their cinnamon Icecream with walnut butterscotch
J got a day off on Friday. The weather was just amazing! We went on one of our treasured walks . The chill wind however made us cut it short. Still it was a good one. We met an interesting dog and its owner.
In the garden,the yellow Calendula is finally blooming.
The white ones have been always blooming that I had forgotten, we planted yellow too!

We are thrilled the sparrows come into our garden now. It’s lovely to see them sitting in a row on the fence.
I want the wax eye and the  fan tail to visit too . I’m trying to find out What we need to plant to draw these birds into the garden .
Our favourite TV series My Kitchen Rules got over with Tasia and Grazia winning. We were rooting for them and so were very happy  they won. Since its played here later than in Australia, I guess a lot of people knew the results already! It was fun ,nevertheless.
Now we like watching Terry Teo . It’s not a great production.(what’s with the wigs?) but it’s fun to watch together as a family with a tween around. You see , we are the detective series buffs . We like our shows not too dark and somewhat light hearted .This show is only available on TVNZ Demand.
Another reason we love this show is because it reminds us of the adventures of Johns pa. Johns pa ‘s adventures,entirely a fragment of J’s imagination  , provided adventure story loving Big B ,with many hours of entertainment .Listening to  Johnspa ‘s adventure story ,whom J absolutely brought to life  with his story telling skills and sound  effects, at night ,is still one of Big B’s cherished childhood memories,that he often fondly recollects ..
With all that happening, I am quite satisfied, it was a restful yet fruitful term break .Even though we did not get a chance to visit any places around here.Wish us all the best as we start term 3


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