How to make Idiyappam aka String Hoppers

Idiyappam is one of those dishes that I never tried to make before I got married. J’s love for Idiyappam sent me straight to my mom to get the recipe . As it turned out, making the dough turned out to be a much easier task compared to coaxing  the dough out of the Idiyappam press.  However hard I tried, I could not manage to  get the dough out through the press. J offering to help me with a Idiyappam press has broken one too many and left me open mouthed as to how  someone could break something that I couldn’t even slightly move! Then my mom discovered a ‘magic press “as she called it and Idiyappam making has been a breeze ever since.
This recipe I’m posting today, is a special request from my friend. So here goes.
Ingredients to serve 4

1 cup Roasted Rice flour
3/4 _1 cup Boiling water
1tsp oil
Salt to taste.
Take flour in a mixing bowl, add salt . Pour boiling water slowly 

little by little mixing with a wooden spoon to form a soft smooth dough

Pour in the oil

When it cools down enough to touch, form into soft dough .Taking care not to knead too much 

Grease the hollow part of the Idiyappam press with oil and fill in the dough inside the press.

Fill upto the brim of the press hollow

In the meantime, grease the Idli mould with oil and keep aside.
Press Idiyappam presser onto greased idli moulds
Repeat until all the dough is pressed on to the moulds.

Steam in the pressure cooker without the pressure ,for 7-9 mins on medium  flame. Once done, let it stay covered in the pressure pan for a minute or two
When the steam stops coming out of the vent,open and transfer the cooked Idiyappam to a hot pack.  

I like to serve Idiyappam with sweetened  thin coconut milk or chicken stew. Ofcourse, chicken curry and mutton curry also taste great with idiyappam.
Cook book Scribbles :
  • when  the Idiyappam is cooked through is , it starts to look glossy.
  • Idiyappam tastes good served hot or cold.
  • Scrapped coconut can be sprinkled over the cooked idiyappam


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