Lil B turns 12

Big B  never tires  of telling the story of how his plans to watch ‘God must be Crazy’ were throttled because Lil B decided make his appearance that Saturday night into the world and change his world forever!
Teasings apart, it’s amazing how in the 12 years that seem to have gone by in a flash. Lil B has grown up into a loving caring, very helpful young boy.
Surprise gift money from grandma, got him a much requested Lego set
New clothes, Finding Dory movie and ice cream with friend
followed by

cake with family , the day was extra special for him.

Hard as it is coming to terms  with the fact that my baby is on the threshold of teen years; he did not want me to make any of his favourite food   this year . As if that wasn’t enough ,he asked me as I was booking the tickets online,
“Can you please go shopping ,while we watch the movie?
Resigned to the fact that they get to the stage sooner or later, I went back to collect them after the movie,the little bug came close to my ears and whispered”mumma I missed not watching the movie with you, next time, I want you to come with me”
In a year from now, he may change his mind, but for now I’ll be content with the fact that my baby atleast missed me.


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