Welcoming Adulthood

A sprinkle covered vanilla cake is all I have to show for a milestone birthday Celebration.
Dad made him his famous _family favourite _ biryani
Heartwarming Wishes poured in from all corners of the world. Grandparents from India, Mama and Athai from USA ,Mom's school and college friends from India through whatsapp, FaceTime and good old telephone.Technology is a great thing for these Occassions.
The boy who turned 18 however played it low key throughout. 
 After the family 's off key rendition of the Happy Birthday Song , the cake was cut and served . When each had had a piece of the cake, from the birthday boy's hand, he went out for a movie and pizza night with friends. 

His long awaited birthday gift will take a while before it gets here.Knowing good things take time to happen, he is ready to wait.He is an adult now ,you see.Even if his teen self suddenly slips in to sulk and stubbornly protest 'Don't  take any pictures of me '. 


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