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Call me lame or whatever, but one of the most exciting things for me here in NZ is being able to place a hold on books in the Library for a small fee. When I went to collect my book, I saw these two books sitting on the Staff Pick shelf.
I've been recently curious about Kiwi food and so when I saw the title Kiwi Favourites  I just pounced on it .
 This book , I gather was released to commerate  75 years celebration of the Watties brand in New Zealand .It has interesting tidbits about how the company came into existence along with Kiwi favourite recipes.I like history and so it's very interesting for me.
I tried a couple of the recipes  with my variations of course. 
The bread and butter pudding is not new to us. I used to make it a lot when the boys were little. Somehow this pudding was forgotten  and  it's been such a long time since I made this once family favourite. So I made that and it was finished up in no time.

Then I had some mince leftovers and and some flaky puff pastry. So I made the mince pies. 
Ive been wanting to try making a pie .It was helpful to know what to look for in the grocery store for the pie crust . I searched up pie crust and came to a zilch and then learnt in NZ it's called flaky puff pastry.They were so yum.
I am also learning about oven settings and cooking time through this book.

I'm excited to try out self crusting quiche from the book 
Shepherds pie
And a few other dishes from it.
This hard cover book is divided into Finger Food section, Light Meals, which includes soups and fritters , followed by mains which has recipes for roasts and lamb shanks and ending with dessert line up of puddings and pavlova. I must try the pavlova too.
Coming to the Katie Fforde book,

 I must confess I always  picked Katie Fford books by the cover. While I did enjoy a couple of her books,the others  bored me stiff. This one however, didnot disappoint and it made for a nice and easy read.Im hoping to get back to reading like I used to before I kind of let it slide into the way side.


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