Craft Nook

 An odd cherry tree blooming here, a plum tree there,  magnolia buds ready to burst forth. 
Spring is definitely in the air. The general mood in our home is leaning towards Spring cleaning and rearranging. 
I've been always dreaming of my own little crafty space. 
When we moved into our present home, I decided to use the garage as my craft space. The garage is not insulated . So this winter, I haven't used that space at all for sewing or cutting as it was freezing cold in there.
I tried to use the lounge area, but that didn't work either.( I didnot want my friends who drop by , to be greeted by fabric , hanging threads and sewing machine and general crafty mess around. )
As much as I love the sewing part, I dislike the sewing set up time . Having to lug  the machine and set it up often puts me off sewing a lot of times. Hence I ve always wanted a little space designated for the sewing machine.
This weekend J created a little sewing nook for me in our already small bedroom .
It still needs a lot more organising  and is a work in progress. 
I still would like to have everything handy near me for sewing.But  to have a little crafty nook just for myself, I'm delighted!
A lot of sewing will hopefully happen here as soon as I get all  my knit baby blankets ready to go into
the Pay It Forward Store . 


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